April 2019 Updates

In case you missed them, I’ve added a couple of posts on the Gutenberg Editor – One is basically me rambling on about my thoughts on the thing and the other is a bit of a How-To guide on an Introduction To The Block (Gutenberg) Editor.

The main thing I want to cover in this post is the file updates to the Members Area.

Volume’s 1 & 6 have either New or updated videos and related files.

Volume 1:

First, sorry about taking so long to incorporate the updates from last December into the main folders – that will not happen again. </groveling>

Videos 4, 6 & 7 have been updated. Videos 4 and 6 are re-recorded so they also have new transcripts and mp3 files. Video 7 just had some cosmetic work that required zero recording. So no new transcripts nor mp3 for video 7.

Videos 21 through 25 are new and all are on the topic of setting up your site for a blog.

This topic is an obvious addition to any training on Continue reading April 2019 Updates

Basic Gutenberg Tutorial

When the WordPress version 5.0 was released, it came with one of the biggest changes to the platform of all time – the new block editor, named Gutenberg. Since its release in December 2018, a lot of folks have dedicated large blocks of time (see what I did there) to write ‘How to’ blogs for the new Gutenberg editor.

This new block editor is a major change from the previous editor, so for everyone that has used the ‘Classic’ editor, this basic tutorial is aimed to make the new Gutenberg easier to understand. So without further ado, let’s get into this.    

Difference between Gutenberg and Classic Editor

You can see the basic difference between the classic editor and the new block editor from the below illistration. The new block editor is on the left whereas the classic one is on the right side.

plr4wp gutenberg editor image
plr4wp classic editor image

You can clearly see that Gutenberg WordPress editor is much more advanced as compared to the classic editor. Although the classic editor is more like Microsoft Word, Gutenberg uses a different approach known as ‘Block’.

I’m going out on a limb here but I think that is why it is called the ‘Block Editor’.

Gutenberg looks cleaner and less jumbled than the older editor version —and useful too—the new block editor and short keys enables you to remain in the visual editor without

Continue reading Basic Gutenberg Tutorial

My Take On The Gutenberg Editor

In the previous post I mentioned I would begin this post with a little info about the Gutenberg Editor.

When I first heard about the proposed change to the editor I was not thrilled at all. For many reasons but mostly because I’m an old fart and pretty set in my ways and major changes are not why I get up each morning.

The Gutenberg Editor Isn’t Evil Afterall

One thing that age has taught me is that the more times you do something new, it eventually stops being new (thanks Capt. Obvious). At that point you know how things Continue reading My Take On The Gutenberg Editor

Video Update News March 2019

Hello & thank you for checking in to see what’s happening in the World of WordPress here at PLR4WP.

Instead of writing long emails on what’s up here on PLR4WP, I decided to write long posts. Then send you a short email telling you about the long posts.

I was getting a bunch of emails from Members saying they never received my notification emails. The ones about the new training that was added or updated videos that were changed out.

I have two theories on that. The main theory is that my long-winded notification emails were getting caught in the overzealous spam filters.

So I’m going to give this ‘post instead of an email’ a try for a while and see if that fixes things.

Plus this allows me to post general WordPress info along with the update info.

Upcoming Updates

As for the Updates to the PLR4WP training, I have several videos in Volume 1 that require some minor cosmetic changes.

I might just make the minor changes instead of a total re-do so that anyone that has recorded new audio/voiceovers will not have to re-record new audio if they do not have to.

If the changes are big enough though, I’ll have to re-record the entire video. Either way.., for me, it takes about the same time but I’m trying to keep your Continue reading Video Update News March 2019

WordPress Security In 6 General Tips

WordPress Security

Security is as important to your website as the monetization of your website. Since WordPress is an open source platform, the original source code is made available to the public for modification.

You don’t want to give a hacker free access to the very power house of your website.

Do You?

Taking a few precautionary measures to protect your website is a step in the right direction. WordPress Security plr for WordPress

Today I will be teaching you the basics of WordPress security.

1: Don’t use the “default” admin username

WordPress comes with a default username “admin”.

An experienced blogger or WordPress user always knows the importance of deleting this default username and coming up with a customized username.

Come to think of it, it’s just human nature to identify with originality. So for the sake of originality as well as security – don’t use ‘admin’.

Besides being very common, every hacker’s first attempt at hacking a WordPress website is trying the username ‘admin’ and then trying to guess the password.

That gives them 50% of the access right there.
That brings me to my Continue reading WordPress Security In 6 General Tips

WordPress Training That You Can Brand and Call Your Own

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