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Attention! Don’t Waste Another Minute Looking For High-Quality, UP-TO-DATE (version 4.7), Pure White Label WordPress Training For Your Customers…

FINALLY, A Private Label Rights
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Stop yelling at your computer because you are trying to make a WordPress site using outdated training.


You Are Trying To Sell Outdated WordPress Training To Your Customers!

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Up To Date Guaranteed 

PLR For WordPress (PLR4WP) is your one-stop-shop for always up-to-date brandable WordPress training.

Date: Tue Apr 25

From The Desk Of Steve Dougherty, The Creator Of These Training Videos

Dear Fellow Marketer,

No matter how many different income streams I have, the majority of my income is from selling my own products.

    • No waiting for commission checks
    • Complete control of the sales process
    • Keep 100% of each sale
    • Promote myself as the ‘authority’
    • Hire affiliates to work for me instead of me being someones affiliate

The problem for most people is that creating your own product is very time-consuming & that is if you know what you are doing.

The cost of researching, recording, editing and producing your videos is expensive and even more costly if you decide to outsource this task.

Then you have to write the sales letter, put together the sale page, the download page the graphics and so much more.

Your Product Creation Workload Is All But Gone With PLR4WP

    • Recording your own videos – I’ve Already DONE THEM FOR YOU
    • Crafting your website & thank you page -I’ve Already DONE THEM FOR YOU
    • Designing or outsourcing your graphics -I’ve Already DONE THEM FOR YOU
    • Writing your sales letter – I’ve Already DONE IT FOR YOU
    • Creating or buying your bonus offers – I’ve Already DONE IT FOR YOU

So if you are like my past and current customers that want a solid set of training videos with a proven track record to outsell the competition AND you don’t want to spend the time and effort to create the product, then you owe it to yourself and your customers to make PLR4WP your one-stop shop for High-Quality WordPress Training Videos.

These PLR WordPress Volumes each come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You will be absolutely satisfied with these training videos and PROUD to call them your own with YOUR Customers & Clients – or you will get a prompt and courteous refund.

Each individual Volume contains different WordPress training and is sold separately. Purchase just the one or two you need or get all the Volumes for a Complete WordPress Library of Training Tools.

These Volumes are packed with WordPress training on topics like:

Basic Starter, Security, Content Creation, eCommerce, Site Load Speed, Customization and more!

Ready To Begin Earning & Learning With WordPress and More?

Step 1. Click the View Volume Contents button for each Volume you are interested in. There, you will see the sample video & complete description of each video lesson within that Volume.

Step 2. Click the Buy Now button in that Volume

Step 3. Download your purchase(s)

Step 4. (optional) Review the Resources & Bonus PLR Training modules for tips on increasing your ROI. Remember that I truly want to see you succeed, so anytime you need my help, I’m just an email away

Here is a text document containing all the current Volume titles, their video titles and each video’s running time. This is updated as new titles are added – usually a couple times a month.

plr4wp volume 01 WordPress Primer imageView Volume Contents Button Image

plr4wp volume 02 WordPress Security imageView Volume Contents Button Image

plr4wp volume 03 WordPress Content Create Tools imageView Volume Contents Button Image

plr4wp volume 04 Creating a localhost environment for WordPress delopmentView Volume Contents Button Image

plr4wp Volume 05 content pageView Volume Contents Button Image

PLR For WordPress Volume 06 WordPress SEOView Volume Contents Button Image

PLR4WP Volume 07 Theme CustomizationView Volume Contents Button Image

PLR4WP Volume 8 Building WordPress ForumsView Volume Contents Button Image

Volume 09 WordPress Plugins content page imageView Volume Contents Button Image

Volume 10 WordPress Multisite content page imageView Volume Contents Button Image

plr4wp Volume 11 access imageView Volume Contents Button Image

plr4wp volume 12 wordpress traffic generationView Volume Contents Button Image

Each Volume comes with it’s own PLR (for you) and User Rights (for your customers) license certificates within the Marketing packages. Here is a plain text version for the Private Label Rights governing each set of PLR4WP videos:

[YES] Can be edited & branded with your information
[YES] Can be used for personal use
[YES] Can sell this product (as a downloadable zip file) for NO LESS than $9.95 (personal use rights only)
[YES] Can be translated into other languages
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to PAID product
[YES] Can Be Added as Streaming Content to Paid Membership or Training Sites That Charges $9.95 OR MORE!
[NO] CANNOT be added to paid PLR, RR nor MRR Membership sites as Downloadable files – ONLY as Streaming content
[YES] Can be broken into several products or combined with other products to create an even larger product.
[YES] Can be turned into a physical product & sold on Amazon & eBay
[YES] Edit the included sales page & graphics or use as-is

[NO] You CANNOT sell PLR
[NO] You CANNOT pass on any of the source files, ONLY web-ready products like PDF, MP4 or MP3 file formats.
[NO] You CANNOT include this product on a FREE membership site
[NO] You CANNOT post the videos (edited, rebranded or not) on any publicly available video sites like YouTube, Viddler, Veoh…You can post on the PRIVATE access of these sites or your Amazon S3 or your own host.
[NO] As per Udemy’s own terms of service (NOT MINE) You cannot use PLR as your course content.

If you have questions about what you can or cannot do with this PLR product, please contact me before purchase – steve @ and use “PLR License Question” in the subject line. Thank you

WordPress Training That You Can Brand and Call Your Own