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Video Update News March 2019

Hello & thank you for checking in to see what’s happening in the World of WordPress here at PLR4WP.

Instead of writing long emails on what’s up here on PLR4WP, I decided to write long posts. Then send you a short email telling you about the long posts.

I was getting a bunch of emails from Members saying they never received my notification emails. The ones about the new training that was added or updated videos that were changed out.

I have two theories on that. The main theory is that my long-winded notification emails were getting caught in the overzealous spam filters.

So I’m going to give this ‘post instead of an email’ a try for a while and see if that fixes things.

Plus this allows me to post general WordPress info along with the update info.

Upcoming Updates

As for the Updates to the PLR4WP training, I have several videos in Volume 1 that require some minor cosmetic changes.

I might just make the minor changes instead of a total re-do so that anyone that has recorded new audio/voiceovers will not have to re-record new audio if they do not have to.

If the changes are big enough though, I’ll have to re-record the entire video. Either way.., for me, it takes about the same time but I’m trying to keep your work to a minimum when possible.

Also in Volume 1, I’ll be adding at least 3 new videos.

1. How to connect your WordPress website to an autoresponder like Aweber?
2. How to Set Up Your Site To Accept Leads to Build a List?
3. How to get your site ready for Blogging?

These three videos will be in sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I decided to update the first two video in Volume 6 on SEO.

The content of the videos are ‘evergreen’ meaning, they will be accurate for a long time without having to update them

Evergreen or not, they had a kind of an old look to them so I gave them a new look.

Plus video 2 on Keyword Research required some additional info so it is more complete now than it was – in my humble opinion.

The updates will be finished by the end of April at the latest.

Future Plans

One of the items I mentioned in those previous emails were that I plan to add more Volumes to PLR4WP.

Hopefully 2 of them this Spring but at least 1 on Proper Maintenance of a WordPress Site.

The other Volume I plan to add will cover the details involved in moving a WordPress site from one host to another & all the fun stuff involved in that nightmare.

When I add the new Volume (s), the annual cost to NEW Members will be higher than the current locked in price you have. So consider that if your renewal is coming up soon.

Also covered in those recent emails were the new videos in Volume 5. They were all new except the first couple of videos so I did not put them in a separate ‘Update’ section on the download page. I just replaced all the existing videos with the new ones since again, they were all new.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Next post I’ll talk about the Gutenberg editor – the good & bad that I’ve seen so far. Actually, it is mostly good.