My Take On The Gutenberg Editor

In the previous post I mentioned I would begin this post with a little info about the Gutenberg Editor.

When I first heard about the proposed change to the editor I was not thrilled at all. For many reasons but mostly because I’m an old fart and pretty set in my ways and major changes are not why I get up each morning.

The Gutenberg Editor Isn’t Evil Afterall

One thing that age has taught me is that the more times you do something new, it eventually stops being new (thanks Capt. Obvious). At that point you know how things work and you develop a more informed opinion – you either like it or you don’t.

So my “more informed opinion” is I like the Gutenberg editor.

The Gutenberg Block Editor

Eventually the name Gutenberg Editor will be dropped and it will just be known as Block Editor but that change should be easier to get used to. Gutenberg will however, live on in the World of WordPress as the Gutenberg Project .

The Gutenberg Project is what WordPress has dubbed the various phases of the ‘New’ WordPress starting with Phase 1 which was the editor.

You can read more about the plans/roadmap of the WordPress Gutenberg Project here:


Here is an odd point to ponder – The name Gutenberg PRoject is pretty close to the name Project Gutenberg which is an entirely different beast.

As for the training videos here on PLR4WP that relate to the Editor, that was another reason for my initial dislike of the Gutenberg Editor. I thought I was going to be recording all new videos and the related tasks that come with every new video.

Then I read that the current or Classic Editor would be around and maintained at least until 2021. That meant I needed to have all the videos related to the Classic Editor still in the Members area.

So eventually those will be phased out but will remain in the Members area until WordPress perminantly gets rid of it.

So when or if those videos need updating I’ll do those as well as keeping the others updated and adding new training along the way.

I’m about to post a lengthy pictorial guide on the Gutenberg Editor so be sure to check that out and let me know your thoughts.

Oh and I’ll have some updates and new videos in the Members area this weekend, so keep an eye out for that notice.

– Steve D.